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Experience has taught us that [spiritual approaches and conceptions] are matters about which, for our purpose, we need not be worried. They are questions for each individual to settle for himself.

—Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th ed., pg. 50

Recently I learned about a series of DVD’s that help to answer the questions that we all face about God.  Who is God?  Why Jesus?  Why is Jesus the only way?  Is there a God?  These questions are answered in three videos by Lee Strobel in, “The Case for Christ”, The Case for Faith” and “The Case for Creation”.  Lee Strobel wrote and produced the first in the series “The Case for Christ” when in 1981 his wife an agnostic became a Christian.  Lee an atheist was not happy his wife turned to Christianity.

After some time Lee decided to research Jesus and Christianity for himself to prove for once and for all that Jesus was not who the preachers and religious folks have lead us all to believe.  Lee was a legal reporter for the Chicago Tribune.  He set out to find the truth and expose to his wife and himself that Christianity was a hoax.  The “Expose” turned out to be an awakening of sorts for Lee.

This documentary styled DVD is a fantastic tool to gather all of the evidence to help you too to learn or decide for yourself the true nature of Jesus, Faith and Creation.  A decision is not a prudent decision unless we have all of the facts.  I suggest you locate a copy of this wonderful piece and take a view or more.

Go, Go, Go…

Dan  🙂

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