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Throughout our lives, leading up to our active addiction, we chose to wallow in all of the negativism that our lives held; worshiping our own self pity. Today, if we truly desire recovery, we must choose to rejoice in the positives, regardless of how loud the negatives are sounding to us. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We have to try new things to gain new results. Therefore, everything we did before and during active addiction must be changed. We must perform a complete 180 of our negative actions in order to achieve the positive result. Even when everything seems to be against us, and we question our very purpose of existence, we can still choose to rejoice in the positive fact that this morning we awoke to see another day. Even when our family is at odds with us, we can still choose to rejoice in the positive fact that they are still alive. Even when we burn our arm while removing the cookie sheet from the 365 degree oven, we can still choose to rejoice that we’ve gained wisdom on what not to do while removing the cookie sheet next time. For every negative that exists, there is a positive waiting there for you to choose to see it. All this time, we addicts have seen the glass half empty, but in recovery we must choose to see the glass half full.

Here are a few tips on positive thinking…

1. The key to positive thinking is to maximize your successes and minimize your failures.

2. It’s beneficial to look honestly at your shortcomings so you can work on them, but focusing on your strengths can never hurt.

3. Keep in mind that the more you practice challenging your thought patterns, the more automatic it will become. Don’t expect major changes in thinking right away, but do expect them to become ingrained over time.

4. Always remember that any failure can be a learning experience, and an important step towards your next success!

5. Practice positive affirmations. They really work! (Please see “How and Why to use Positive Affirmations” by Elizabeth Scott M.S.

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