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For our friends in The United States, Happy Independence Day!  As part of the free world, we have often heard leaders of the world especially the leaders in the USA say, Freedom is not Free!  There is a price to pay.  It is a true statement independence & freedom takes work, especially if you are afflicted with an alcohol or substance abuse history.  Freedom from the bondage of addiction takes work, it takes grinding it out when happiness seems to be out of reach.  But for those of us that have experienced happiness and freedom in a of life recovery, the grind is worth it.  Freedom is rewarding, the reward?  True happiness, joy, love, contentment and more…  Life becomes fun again.  Sure like everyone else in the world we have challenges and hurdles, but we face them and overcome them.

Please enjoy the day, be safe and if necessary grind it out!

Life is Goooood!

Life is Goooood!

Dan 🙂

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