“Freedom Recovery” Program

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“Freedom Recovery” Program

Do you want to take your life in recovery to the next level?    Want to motivate your clients, group or loved ones?    Prepare them to get to work on and in their recovery?

Dan Callahan has the gift to move people into action. Recovery works!!! However, for the majority of people, there is a resistance to the necessary change required to recover.

Resistance whether internal (self doubt or negative self-talk) or coming from others, like well intentioned friends and family creates more resistance! In treatment, diagnosed as denial or resistance, a confrontational approach to this challenge is often not effective for the vast majority of people. Lets face it, when an individual is pushed, resistance builds. When resistance builds progress is minimized.

Whereas; Dan’s approach to motivate, inform and lead people into taking action; results in motivated, empowered and determined recovering individuals ready to embrace change and the therapeutic process.

Daniel J. Callahan, LMSW

Dan is a well-known author and motivator in the addiction and treatment recovery community throughout the globe. His book “Recovery Thinking, 90-days to Change Your Life!” is a compilation of recovery lessons and essays that assist people in recovery, to change their perspective on life and recovery. His 90-day Workbook, “Freedom Recovery, 90-Days to Recover” has been the difference maker for hundreds of people attaining a true freedom and joy from the bondage of addiction!

Dan is a skilled trainer, lecturer and motivator. Patterned after the master “Anthony “Tony” Robbins”, the internationally acclaimed author, speaker, motivator and practitioner who has radically changed the self improvement industry with his dynamic programs. Not only will you be motivated to recover, but you will have the tools necessary to take your life to the level you can only imagine possible!
Dan offers half and full day trainings and is available for regularly scheduled dates or simply as a one-time guest speaker. All seminars and workshops include Freedom Recovery workbooks.

For more information or to book Dan contact Redux Recovery Network, LLC at 866-868-1205 or email Dan at Dan@Rehabs.org

Buy the EBook Click here to buy the paperback book! Download the book for your Kindle

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