Freedom of Choice

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Freedom of choice is more to be treasured than any possession earth can give.” – David O. McKay

For many years I did not recognize that I had the freedom to choose. I was stuck in the merry-go-round of addiction. I could not see the forest from the trees and vice versa. Unlike some folks, when I heard them say “I was powerless over alcohol”, I identified. I knew exactly what they meant. I simply followed my obsession. I would say, “I am done, never again” only to find myself several hours later, intoxicated and looking for an after-hours party.

When I made the decision to turn my life over to a new way of living I found “Freedom of Choice”. I found myself making decisions that I stuck to. I found that I had power and I was empowered to act. I broke free from addiction, one day at a time. Now a quarter of a century later I look back with the utmost gratitude and respect for the disease of alcoholism and addiction. It had me, molded me and sold me down the river. But today, I am free to choose. I don’t always make the right decisions but they are mine! Life is good…

Go, Go, Go…
Dan 🙂

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