Four Loko, coke in a can!

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four loko alcoholic energy drinkA new energy drink called “Four Loko” has a 12-percent alcohol content and is loaded with caffeine and sugar.  The beverage is classified an “Energy Drink” and comes in 24 ounce cans selling for less than $3.   This is a potentially dangerous beverage and should be kept from children and teens.  In the New York City suburb of White Plains four teenagers reportedly were hospitalized after drinking Four Loko.   White Plains Public Safety Commissioner David Chong released a warning claiming, “The kids have a nickname for it, they’re basically calling it coke in a can.”

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Taken from Wikipedia:

Four is an alcoholic energy drink produced by Phusion Projects Inc. of Chicago, Illinois, USA. The Four brand includes two variations, Four MaXed and the newer Four Loko. The company, Phusion Projects, also does business under the name Drink Four Brewing Company. Four debuted in the US market in 2006, first in Ohio, followed by Arizona/California/Illinois by mid-year,  then spreading to other states. It was developed by three alumni of Ohio State University: Chris Hunter, Jeff Wright and Jaisen Freeman.

Product line

The drink is available in fruity flavors, such as grape and orange.It is sold in the US as a 16 oz aluminum-canned, caffeinated, alcoholic, malt beverage. Its alcohol content varies from state to state, from 6%ABV in Indiana up to 10% elsewhere. It also contains carbonation, sugar, and natural and artificial flavoring, similar to other alcopops. Its name is derived from its four other ingredients, caffeine, taurine, guarana, and wormwood, an active ingredient in absinthe.

Four MaXed manufacturing expanded to the The Netherlands for sales distribution in the European Union. The EU version, which is packaged in an 8.3 oz (250ml) glass bottle, contains Absinthe and is spirit-based instead of the US malt based version.

In its US market, Phusion Projects added a 23.5oz (695ml) beverage named Four Loko to its Four product line subsequent to the launch of Four Maxed. Four Loko contains 12.0%ABV. It is available in seven flavors: the three original flavors (fruit punch, orange blend and grape), plus watermelon, blue raspberry, lemonade, and cranberry lemonade. A 23.5oz can of Four Loko is estimated to contain 660 calories.[citation needed] Watermelon Four Loko also contains FD&C Red #40. In 2009, Four Loko ranked fourth in sales growth among alcoholic beverages at 7-Eleven stores nationwide behind first ranked Joose. A can of Four costs $2.99.Four Loko is also the official beverage of the Chumbuckets.

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