Faith in Action

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Commitment is faith in action. Commitment is putting your faith on the line. It is coming clean; being honest and forthright; taking action! Dr. Robert Schuller

My sponsor used to say to me that faith without doubt is not faith!  We all have doubts however it is commitment to our decisions that is integral to our recovered lives.  The earliest faith we need to have is the faith that recovery works!  That living a life free of mind altering substances is worth it.  That life is good without the drugs and alcohol.  Making the commitment to sobriety is the turning point for your journey to discover the recovered life.

Drugs and alcohol has played havoc in our lives as addicts.  Having a desire to turn it all around is the starting point.  Commitment is the “forms” * for the  foundation.  (* forms as in concrete forms, something that gives or determines shape; a mold.)

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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