Failure is not fatal…

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I have failed numerous times in my life. When I do, I always go back to the one issue that has saved me. I stopped drinking and drugging. In the past I have reflected on failure and said to myself; “self, look at you what you have done now, what kind of example are you?”

When that happens, I always go back and say “CLEAR”! I clear that thought from my mind. Sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly, but I clear the thought and move forward. Get the failure thoughts out of my head and replace it with a success thought. The thought I need to focus on.

When it comes to failure, in the Secret James Arthur Ray says, “that is not who you are, that is who you were”! So as much as I have failed I must look at it as another “Mulligan”. It is an opportunity to change directions. I thank God that I am sober. My thinking and choices that got me to the failure may not have been sober thinking, but thank God I am sober. I now have the opportunity as a sober person to “CLEAR” and move on to positive.

I can tell you I have had failures and I have done foolish things sober. I know if a drunken horse thief stops drinking the only thing he is now is a horse thief that does not drink! So my thinking which creates my actions need to change.

Make the decision to rid the things that create challenges in life. How do I change? I must focus on what I now want. I must choose to clear my thinking as quickly as I possibly can when a negative thought arises. Because negativity will arise in the way we think. We were programmed from childhood that way. “No” was the dominant word used in our home.

Once I make the decision I need to act upon that decision. I need to write down on paper the decision. I need to write out what my strategy will be to attain the decision. This decision could be a goal to attain something or it may be a behavior that I am no longer willing to accept.

In matters of behavioral change, it is best to tell a person I consider a mentor. If I have recently acted in a way that hurt another human being I need to make amends immediately. This is an important aspect of successful eradication of behaviors that hurt me or others.

In matters of goal setting, it is imperative that I write down the goal. Make a firm commitment to attain that goal. Make a firm commitment that I will attain that goal utilizing strategies that are ethical, moral and legal.

At the Last Resort Pa, we focus on assisting you to develop the tools necessary to live a recovered life. The tools you need to set goals and attain a life full of joy and freedom. Success depends on the implementation of these strategies.

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