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“A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm”

– Charles Schwab

Enthusiasm, the word is derived from the Greek “entheos” meaning, “God Within” .  Sometimes I lose sight of the fact that God is in charge and not me.  I make plans and work hard to “figure” it all out and then reality strikes, I am not in charge!  Fortunately I take the recovered life seriously, I know that living the spiritual principles I have been taught and developed over the years work and they work well.
The use of prayer, meditation and affirmations are embedded in my daily disciplines and rituals.   One of my affirmations was passed on to me by my friend Jimmy Meyer it is, “Today I will win—  Why? I’ll tell you why:  Because I have faith, courage and EnthUUUUsiasm”!!! In other words, I am a winner, why?  Because I have God within, guiding the ship.  No matter how often I grab the wheel, God is there right along side of me!  Life is goooooood!!!
Go, Go, Go…
Dan 🙂
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