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Enthusiasm is the most beautiful word in the world. – Christian Morgenstern

I do not classify myself as a linguist however I love words when I recognize their meaning and root. In this case according to Dictionary.com the root of the word enthusiasm, is Greek, énthous, variant of éntheos having a god within. The meaning of the word is; “absorbing the mind by any interest or pursuit, a lively interest”. When we think of people that are enthusiastic we think of people that are excited, motivated and pumped up about their life. They live with passion!

In recovery we gain a new life, we live with excitement and passion for the renewed spirit. We trust in God and are grateful for the second chance. Life gets better and better and better as we grow through the principles of recovery.

For me personally, I awaken every day motivated to enjoy the day and be productive! When my eyes open I thank God for a new day, I remind myself that I am alive, awake and feel great! I say my affirmations, my favorite is;

My attitude everyday will determine my success in the future. Today I will walk, talk, act and believe like the person I wish to become!!!

I deserve success & will do what successful people do. I refuse to allow negative people to fill my mind with negativity!!!

Most of the arguments I have are with myself. So when I get down I will use the famous GOYA (get off your anatomy) formula for guaranteed success!!!

Today I will win — Why? I’ll tell you why: Because I have faith, courage and EnthUUUUsiasm!!!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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