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Each and every morning the first thing I do before I have my morning cup of coffee is do my prayer, meditation and prep for the day with “My Morning Mental Workout”.

My attitude everyday will determine my success in the future.  Today I will walk, talk, act and believe like the person I wish to become!!!    I deserve success & will do what successful people do.  I refuse to allow negative people to fill my mind with negativity!!!  Most of the arguments I have are with myself.  So when I get down I will use the famous GOYA formula for guaranteed success!!!   Today I will win—  Why? I’ll tell you why:  Because I have faith, courage and EnthUUUUsiasm!!!

Here are the key points, 1) my attitude must be grateful and positive.  2) I must believe I am worth it and heading in the right direction. 3) I wrap myself in my positive shell and allow no-one or thing to get me down! 4) When in doubt GOYA, I Get-up, Off, mY Anatomy!!!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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