Drug and Alcohol Rehab, The Sad Truth…

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This is an e-mail letter I received from my friend Liam of Stardust Interventions. Liam assists friends, families and employers across the United States with addictions interventions. He has a network of supports across the country and is one of the most forward thinkers in the field today.

Dan ☺

Good morning Dan,

Just thought I’d pop off an e-mail to you this morning and say hey. I received e-mail from a family who chose not do an intervention with their son this past June. Their son slipped into another coma four days ago and passed away. My heart really goes out to the family but as you and I know, addictions never get better by themselves.


I follow up with families who call and decide not to intervene on a regular basis and the results are almost always the same, no change, or things have become worse. This man who died had been to other treatments before and left AMA every time. I really feel we have a chance to change things around in recovery and make a huge difference in the lives of others and eventually society as a whole.

There is such a difference between being sober and being productive and successful. I admit that sober is the first step, but for me just being sober was not enough. I wanted to make a good life for myself, and my family while making a contribution to others. The Medical model of treatment works for a precious few and God bless them for finding a way out! I also know that model will not work for most people. I believe we need to teach others how to shape their worlds in the image of success and hope for others.

Those were just a few thoughts today after being rattled by that sad email.


“Only one thing in the universe is more powerful than a person’s mind, that is the Creator Himself!”

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