Drug and Alcohol Rehab: The Law of Attraction

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During the first decade of this millennium the DVD “The Secret” hit the world by storm. The author of The Secret hinted at a grand historical conspiracy to keep the information or more specifically “The Law of Attraction” secret from the world. Well that may be what Rhonda Byrne believed but the truth is it has never been a secret. It is not a conspiracy by the “Haves” to keep the “Have Nots” in their place!

In 1956 Earl Nightingale recorded “The Strangest Secret”. At the time Earl owned a small insurance company. Earl actually recorded the session for his sales force to listen to while he was away for a trip. The recording became so popular that it was released to the public.

Earl did not claim that he had news of this suppressed secret of success. Actually he states just the opposite. In Earl’s humble words, it is not a secret at all. The teachings go back since the beginning of recorded time! The Bible is full of instruction on “The Law of Attraction”. The truth is that people fail to “Think”. They conform, in fact most people continue to live and teach their children to operate by the rules of the industrial age. They teach their children to go to school, get good grades and get a job. Conformity! Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Additionally, in one segment of the recording of The Strangest Secret Earl states that often folks develop theories and techniques based upon these principles and market them as if they are original. They are not original. For all of us in the self-improvement industry we are the sum total of what we have read, researched, listened to, and been taught from the time we are born.

This is not a slight or an accusation against the account offered in “The Secret”. I am actually grateful for the emergence of this piece of work. It has brought to the forefront a sense of desire and commitment of people to seek change. For those of us in the self-improvement field that is good news! Fortunately, the video only instructs on the theory behind the Law of Attraction, it offers no significant technique on how to apply it into everyday life. Furthermore, in the sub-culture of recovery it minimizes the necessity for additional techniques in the process.

Today, it seems that everywhere you look there are lecturers, authors, and coaches, coaching programs, all offering their absolute key to success for your life. More pointedly, typically these approaches are marketed to you as a way to make you wealthy. They claim to have the key, the perfect product, or business opportunity (now disguised as an affiliate program) that will lead you to riches beyond belief. They have you dream dreams of living the life of the celebrity without the paparazzi.

If the truth were known, the basis for the information is reality. The “Law of Attraction” is exactly what it says, a “Law”. In fact it is as much a law as the “Law of Gravity” is a law. The improvement programs that folks offer, the books on improvement and many of the products and business opportunities are wonderful tools. The methods are not original, yet they work.

I am one of those people that choose to not point out why my techniques are better or why the other techniques are incorrect! As a matter of fact, I believe that for a majority of the theories, strategies and techniques there are benefits. Someone can use the information and win with it. Therefore, if that were true then why would I say any differently? Besides, there are so many people and variables in this world that may require a different strategy or approach.

Now that is not to say that I am wishy-washy about the strategies I assist folks to implement. No, not only do I believe in them I bank my life on them. Personally, I believe they are the absolute way to life long success, prosperity and recovery. Nowhere will you find solutions to living that match the “Shaping” program that I teach. That is a 100% guarantee.

Our “Shaping” program is designed to start from where you are. If you are an active user of your drug of choice, “Real Life Rehab” a social model intensive resort style rehabilitation program is for you. If you can abstain from the use of your drug of choice and you legitimately can’t free up the time to visit our center, our “Coaching 2 Overcome” program is for you. Maybe you are a person recovered from your drug of choice. Whether it is months or years, our “Victory Coaching 2 Overcome” program is for you.

Whether you have tried other methods and failed or this is your introduction to the world of abstinence The Last Resort Pa is the answer. Our programs have a limited capacity so do not hesitate. An individual “shaping” program with me is $15,000 for a week, and I limit that to one individual a month. Therefore, the value of our advertised shaping programs is phenomenal. Once again Do Not Hesitate and miss this opportunity. Your life and success depends upon it.

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