Drug and Alchol Rehab: Diana Nightingale Conversation

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I am honored and joyous to have recently had the opportunity to speak with Diana Nightingale, “The First Lady of Transformation”. Diana is the widow of the late Earl Nightingale, Author of “The Strangest Secret”. Diana has continued the legacy of Earls message and the key to success, “We Become What We Think About”.

Diana is a force in and of herself. Her accomplishments include; an internationally known speaker, a life coach and mentor to people around the world and the author of “Learning to Fly as a Nightingale” A biographical, motivational love story. This is a personal look into the lives of Diana and Earl Nightingale before they met and married; a glimpse at their love story, and the inspiring story of how Diana found the courage to go on after Earl’s passing.

Diana commended our work at The Last Resort Panama an innovative drug and alcohol rehab. She commented on how it is so easy to make excuses to continue to drink and drug because of family history or other traumatic factors. Yet, if people learn and implement the Key their lives would be transformed.

Diana points out that Earls principles are more powerful now then ever before in our history. Unless you live under a rock you have heard of the DVD “The Secret”. An expose’ on the Law of Attraction, released in this millennium. In the 1950’s Earl released “The Strangest Secret” based on the same principles. With a major twist, Earl taught techniques to implement these principles. Earl taught techniques and not theories.

As a recovered person and sober for over 20 years, I can attest that Earls principles and techniques are the key to success. In 1998, I received a sales card in the mail. It was from Earl Nightingale offering his success system “Lead the Field” based on his great work, “The Strangest Secret”. I do not know what possessed me to purchase the set, but I did.

I was a licensed social worker with a Masters Degree from Fordham University. Through the years some of my therapists had worked with me from the standpoint of fixing a broken person and the medical model of treatment instructed us to assist folks this way, but I did not agree. I taught folks differently but I would go in and out of negative thinking in my personal life, what a contradiction!

Well, when I heard this tape set it completely changed my life. I listened to Earl daily (and continue to listen frequently) I set goals, and began to change tremendously. I looked back at my recovery and my work in the field. I realized the changes that I had made were a result of the techniques that Earl taught. I began to teach people these same techniques with radical results…

In the world-renowned story Earl announced to the world, the tale of “Acres of Diamonds”. Earl speaks of how in 1884 Dr. Russell Conwell founded Temple College, which became Temple University in 1907. High school graduates requested that Dr. Conwell teach them college courses. These adolescents did not have the means to attend college. After some debate and prayer Dr Cronwell raised the funds to start Temple College so that folks could attain an affordable higher education. It is in this spirit, offering affordable recovery services and utilizing the techniques of Earl Nightingale that The Last Resort Panama thrives!

Whether you are new to recovery, have struggled throughout the years, or you have attained freedom from the use and abuse of foreign substances The Last Resort has a program to assist you in attracting a prosperous life.

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