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There is not a day that goes by that I do not receive an email advertising the services of the greatest marketing guru this side of Mars. If you have a web site and registered your site with the search engines you get these solicitations. They come and they come, well you get the picture.

Most of them claim to have the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool to make your website a top ten Google listing. Which means that when someone goes to Google or Yahoo and types in a search term that describes your service, your site is listed in the top ten results. If you do any National or International business that is what you want. You want to attract folks from all over the Nation or World if possible through the world-wide-web.

If you give this some thought and believe me, I have given it thought and dollars! Here is what I have determined, if the guru truly is as good as they say, why help you? Here is one better, type in to Google “search engine optimization marketing” and see if that guru is in the top ten. I have yet to find one that has emailed me in the top ten.

What is the point of all this SEO stuff you may ask? When people spend money on any product or service quality is important. Receiving exactly what has been advertised and then contracted for is expected. Where you rank on the search engines has nothing to do with your effectiveness. It only means that Google or Yahoo has rated your web site as one that offers the closest information to the search term you put in.

The Last Resort Panama is in the Recovery business. I spent the better part of an hour on the phone today with Liam of Stardust Interventions out of San Antonio Texas. We discussed the necessity of alternatives to the medical model of treatment, methods of treatment that result in positive outcomes.

At The Last Resort Panama here is what we know, the social model of treatment works. The techniques we use to allow an individual or family to address the issues necessary to a sustainable and positive recovery works. The techniques and exercises we teach work. How do we know? We have a proven track record of success. Our treatment team members are walking examples of recovery. In fact, we have more than 100 years of successful recovery experience between the 4 members of the team.

Not only do we offer a rehabilitation center for treatment but we also offer alternatives to rehab. So look us up on Google and we will not be in the top ten. But look at our results and you will be glad you did. Take some time now and go to our web site at www.TheLastResortPa.com . Take some time and view our methodology video.

Compare us to the other elite drug and alcohol rehabs. Resort style rehabs have been reserved for only the wealthy and celebrities until now. Take some time and view our Price video and you will recognize the opportunity that awaits you.

Dan 🙂

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