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Ever since I was a kid I was a dreamer.  If I had a dime for every time I got in trouble in school for day dreaming I would have tons of dimes!  As a recovered  adult the dreams have kept me motivated and not complacent.  As we develop as human beings we start to get the message from friends and relatives to discourage us from dreaming.  For instance, if you are an artist you may be met with “How are you going to earn money as an artist?  Just be normal study alternatives like computers so you can get a good job with benefits, when you graduate!”

For the addict dreaming is essential.  Let me repeat that, for the addict dreaming is essential!!!  Why you may ask?  It is simple, for an individual to sustain the motivation for recovery it is essential that they have a degree of 2 feelings:  Hope and Love.  Obviously there is much more to recovery than these 2 basic human needs, but for the purposes of this discussion we are focusing on these.

Hope and Love come in many forms for instance the most important form of love is self love.  We muct respect ourselves, without self love we can not love or be loved to any real degree.  Equally Hope comes in many forms.    The hope for a bright future, the hope for tomorrow, hope keeps us striving.  It wards off “stinkin thinkin” which ultimately leads to the “F-it’s”…  The message, be a dreamer again, set goals, long term and short term goals.  That is what successful people do, that is what successful recovered people do!  Live, Love, Learn….  Keep smiling cause Life is Goooood!!!

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