Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Rehab?

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Congress almost certainly will pass a bill that compels every American to have medical insurance.  Sheldon Richman

The short answer is yes.  With a huge “BUT”.  For folks looking to use medical insurance for addiction treatment there are several factors to consider before taking that plunge.   First is that most policies require that an individual fails at outpatient treatment prior to entering inpatient treatment.  Which may be a good thing however, it is a double edged sword.  For instance, for an individual that is resistant to treatment often the games begin.  The progress that they have made to accept the idea of treatment goes away with a bit of time and the one day a week of therapy simply becomes a game for them.

Another huge factor in determining whether or not an individual would like to utilize their insurance policy is the paper trail that follows.  Having a history of drug treatment can be extremely damaging for an adult.  First, it may impair their ability to secure, life insurance, medical insurance, long term care insurance, or auto insurance in the future.  It may impair your ability to secure employment in sensitive positions such as policemen, fireman, crossing guard, teacher, teachers aide, etc…

Another factor to consider is the deductible.  Typically, in excess of $5,000.  The initial approval is usually for up to a week, an evaluation must then be done for an extension of another week, with a cap at 28 days.  When all is said and done weighing it all out and looking at the value you get at a center like The Last Resort Recovery it may be best to simply by pass the insurance route.

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