Developing the Habit of Happiness

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I have heard various numbers from 21 days to 90 days as the magic number to develop a habit or turn a bad one to good!  In the recovery aspect of life 90 days seems to work well.  I suggest you build confidence by utilizing 90 day bursts in your life.  I believe that part of the recovery journey is the development of the habit of happiness.  It is with this in mind that I wrote our Recovery Workbook.

We utilize the workbook in our recovery center as a tool.  It is not the be all nor the end all but it is a tool.  Recently I was thinking how and why I wrote this workbook.  When we decided to create an affordable recovery center two years ago we wanted to offer more than simply the medical model of recovery services.  We wanted to promote happiness immediately.  We wanted folks to know that abstinence was a vital aspect of recovery however it is not the only aspect!

The workbook is a great tool for the newcomer as well as anyone in recovery.  I have edited the forward to be inclusive and not solely for our guests.  Please feel free to download it and please use it.  I guarantee that if you do you will see a marked improvement in your happiness quotient!  You will feel better, think better, and live a more positive life.  There is no cost for the workbook, not now not ever.  We do not need your email to download it simply go to the page and download.  Please feel free to pass the message along to friends.  We would prefer that they download it on their own it will give us an idea of how many folks actually have downloaded the book.

You can find the download on our site at under the contact tab drop down to Brochures.  When you click on Brochures it is the first download. or use this link >>>    Eventually, we will move it to The Self Development Store under the Home tab.

I hope you enjoy it!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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