D is for Do It!

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One of the greatest speeches I have ever heard in my life is the Art Williams, Do It speech.  It is motivational, deep, yet simple.  The message?  Just Do It!   All my life I have wanted to be someone, I have had dreams, and aspirations.  Until I got the message that if it is going to be it is up to me, I stayed unhappy and stuck!

I am grateful for the Do It message.  The message has forced me to look at my actions and not my talk.  Anyone can talk a good game, but to Do It?  It takes determination, drive, persistence, and a strong desire via a CCMP, a Clear Concise Mental Picture!

Today you can locate Art Williams famous “Do It speech” on Google videos.  Watch it will change your life!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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