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We all have contradictions in our lives.   — Carolyn Peabody, PhD

It seems I can never get away with the contradictions in my own head! Yesterday I wrote about helping a friend in need and to be honest it was less than ten minutes later that this thought popped into my head, “Hey what ever happened to the idea of doing something good for someone and not telling anyone”? Chuckle! Well I quickly dismissed it and moved on with the day, but the truth is when we live in active recovery we have the inner voice that lets us know when we are living out of congruence with our values.

If we are living our life on “purpose” this is a good thing to have. When we are regressing we are using these messages to beat ourselves down more. The Tenth Step is designed to keep us true to our mission and in congruence with our values as a person. If we utilize this principle we remain in joy, when we listen to the negative self talk and believe it we struggle. We all have contradictions, do not let them rule you! Life is good…

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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william e hay March 24, 2012 at 10:36 am

Good morning! It is great to be alive, no matter what life throws my way upon this day. Life on life’s terms. This message this morning reminded me of Johnny Carson, on one of his shows, he had an actress who believed in living many lives, before the life she was presently living. With his dry sense of humour he asked; don’t you feel a bit funny when in the board room of all those powerful deal makers in hollywood, that they may think you a bit strange? To which she answered, with such confidence and simplicity, Johnny the power is in ones own belief. How true indeed, our core thoughts, beliefs, of who we are can destroy us or bring greatness into our lives. William

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