Congrats, Kristin Joy… And Joe!

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February 28, 1985 early in the morning i was awakened with the news, I’m having contractions we need to go to the hospital.  So off we went to the Cortland, NY hospital, I was still in college.  I had been drinking on and off after nearly three years with out a drink.  I remember the panic that set in over the nurses face when Kristin was born, the labor was tough and so was the delivery.  In an instant, Kristin, purple and not responding was shuffled out of the birthing room.  No one said anything to us other than she has some complications but don’t worry.

It felt like eternity but they came back in and said she is ok, but we need to have a specialist come in to see her.  I was devastated and just like a typical drunk I left the hospital and went to Paddy’s Pub to let everyone know I had a girl and proceeded to get hammered…
Kristin Joy made it through she has handled the challenges she was born with exceptionally and has become an unbelievable human being, a great daughter, sister, mom, aunt, friend and now becoming a wife!  Twenty seven years later I am getting ready to walk this miracle girl down the aisle to hand her off to her friend and partner Joe Nichols.  I could not be happier.  Life is good!!!
Go, go ,go…
Dan 🙂
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bill June 3, 2012 at 11:32 am

Great story Dan. You continue to be an inspiration to me.

PS: Sorry about all the soap jokes.

william hay June 3, 2012 at 2:51 pm

Dear Dan,
Congradulations on your beautiful daughters wedding!! To be present and sober for our loved ones is a huge and powerful gift of being in recovery. I myself have had just a glimpse of this gift, coming up on a year back, and each occasion I felt a loveing energy, a connection to life one cannot have drunk. Life is so great when one is sober, to feel and join in fellowshipping with family, friends, and our nieghbors is somthing I hope to never underestimate!! We are alive, not part of the walking dead. The good times and the tough times, being present for both without a drink is embracing life on lif’s terms. I am so happy for you family and you will make one heck of a crazy Grandfather, I love it!! And I love you Dan. Enjoy walking down that isle and the Lord will be walking with you and your daughter. Love ya, William

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