CMR Recovery Residences

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CMR Recovery Residences

Once again one of my favorite things to write about, recovery services dating back to the early days of the Twelve-Step Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. CMR Recovery Residences, for those of us from Long Island, “Charlie Murphy’s’! Founded in 1942, CMR is now operated by Charles Jr in the gorgeous north shore community of Fort Salonga, Northport, NY. CMR accepts and has worked with individuals from every State in the Union and is conveniently located to all major New York City airports.

CMR is the updated version of a recovery center. The focus is on getting well through the principles of the twelve-steps coupled with a nurturing, holistic and serene environment. If you have ever been to the grounds of Charlie Murphy’s you know exactly what I mean. CMR takes confidentiality seriously, the administration and staff recognize that confidentiality is essential for an individual to regain their life without the stigma of addiction.

The unbelievable aspect of CMR is the fact that the agency is a philanthropic organization that has kept the tuition as low as possible, currently at $6,000 per month. All the while continuing to offer individual sessions and educational and therapeutic groups. The residence has both private and semi-private rooms and meals are nutrition minded and well balanced for proper health.

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