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To be doomed to an alcoholic death or to live on a spiritual basis are not always easy alternatives to face. —Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th ed., pg. 44

The choices we fail to make are the choices that can be the most detrimental to our lives.  Whether you are a problem drinker, an alcoholic, or anything in between failure to decide to abstain from alcohol permanently may lead to a rotten and painful death.  I do not subscribe to the scared straight tactic or argument especially for adults.  It simply does not work.  Reasoning with an individual or with ourselves does not work.  However, toss in the fear aspect from a recent painful event and the handwriting is on the wall.  We need to do something and do it quick is the answer we often emerge with.

Yesterday in the Blog Change Happens we discussed the potential gain from our perceived calamities.  How in the world can good come from alcoholism?  How can the inability to say no 100% of the time turn into something good?  Joe Vitale “Mr. Fire”,  of the DVD The Secret a documentary on “The Law of Attraction”, and author of too many books to list utilizes the phrase, “Turn it into Something Good”.  There is tons of good that can be found in alcoholism.  When we face the truth which is if I am honest and afflicted, we cannot predict what we will do, will we go home?  Will we drive drunk? Will we hurt anyone? Will we spend all of our savings, rent or mortgage money?  We simply can not predict what we will do if we pick up the first drink.  If that is the case and we make the decision, act on the decision, commit and stick to that decision to abstain from alcohol and other mind altering substances there is an enormous amount of good that can come from alcoholism.

Those of us afflicted or Blessed with this challenge are people with talent and potential.  When we recover and knock off the nonsense we become people of destiny, great leaders, great parents, great members of our communities, societies and the world.  Life is good, God is good…

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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