Change is good

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Everything is lawful, but not everything is beneficial. Everything is lawful, but not everything builds others up. Do not seek your own good, but the good of the other person. — 1 Corinthians 10:23-24 NIV

There is nothing more frustrating then making choices that are out of congruence with who you are, what you want and what you teach others. Remaining true to God, yourself and your values are integral factors to being an effective helper. I have taken pride in my ability to walk the walk that I talk. It is so much easier to teach when your values align with your actions. Yet, I must admit over the years I have made some poor choices.

When it comes to making amends the first thing we need to do is “amend” our actions, i.e. CHANGE. The process of change takes work but it follows a pattern, first make the decision and a commitment to change, look at the actions and uncover the shortcomings, then state the new behavior(s) and finally take action. Just do it!

There is no need for worry, guilt, remorse and zero room for shame. Just realign, re-motivate and shift focus back to the target. Life takes on new meaning when you work with others, therefore there is a responsibility to be the best that we can be every step of the way. Which includes, when we make mistakes we readjust and move back into the right lane and out of oncoming traffic!

Life is good!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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