Champions do it anyway…

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CHAMPIONS RISK what others DARE not; DREAM what others think impossible; DO what others say can’t be done. – Jason James Hun

I am with or meet new champions every day. The champions in life to me are those folks that begin life anew. The folks that say, “enough is enough”. The ones that mean it when they say it. The risk they take is the one that many of their friends or acquaintances fail to take. They start the recovery process. They stand up and take a stand against what has been killing them all along.

When I see guys and gals head out and get jobs in an economy that says don’t apply here! But they do it anyway. When I see them pay premium money to share a room when they could rent an apartment for less! But they do it anyway. When I see them stay away from the people, places and things even when the excitement to be there is huge! But they stay away anyway. When I see them get involved in sober social and recreational activities when in the past they would see this as “not hip”! But they do it anyway.

I see these things every day and I see people recover their lives back. I see them pay it forward. I see life renewed and hope developed from within, where none existed. These are the champions to me!

Life is good….

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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