Capstone Treatment Center

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Capstone Treatment Center

When I first learned of Capstone Treatment Center I went to their website to poke around. I am not a big fan of the videos on websites that run automatically. But I must say that this video caught my attention quickly. Adrian Hickmon, PhD the Executive Director is discussing chemical dependency and the culture of drug addiction. The fact that drug abuse is only part of the bigger picture. He spoke of the drug culture in America that has an appeal to nearly every sub-culture and age group.

I thought to myself, “I like this guy and his philosophy”. With a bit more research I learned that Capstone is a Christian agency for young men aged 14 to 24 suffering from various hurts, habits and hangups. Family issues, drug abuse, addiction, alcoholism, and other emotional and abuse issues. Their mantra is, “Bringing Sons Home”!

Their program runs for approximately 90-days on average. The program includes therapy, discovering the cause of the issues, family work, integration of the twelve-steps and Christian counseling. The family is included in over 60 hours of therapy, therapists have a 1 to 2 ratio residents, a favorite feature of mine is all residents are involved in canine therapy with their puppy on a daily basis.

Capstone is located in Searcy Arkansas and can be reached toll free at 866.729.4479. They are an affordable center and although they do not accept insurance as payment they will assist in the reimbursement process. I give Capstone Two Thumbs up!

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