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Anything after “But” is bullshit!

I was once in a mutual support meeting and a guy shared about his struggle. The speaker responded with a few words of recovery wisdom. A cross-talk argument has now been engaged, the guy quickly began to defend himself and said “yeah but…” The speaker broke in and quickly retorted, “anything after but is bullshit!” It wasn’t over as the response was swift and deadly, “well that’s bullshit right there, what about But for the Grace of God…?”

Yes, that was an episode I will never forget, in fact, it was well over 30 years ago that that occurred. It was a lesson in listening to me. I realized that first off, things I say may be interpreted by others differently than my intention. Second, there is usually a contradiction to any rule of thumb I might have. Finally, people always want to know “Why” and their “why” is shaped and determined by their experience(s).

In today’s state of affairs in the United States, there are tons of “Why’s” floating around. I see Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and TicToc posts with comments refuting the “Why.” In order for us to effect change, which our great country has been built upon, we must listen to the various sides and narratives. We must be open to adjust and adapt to find solutions to the “RESULTS.” Yes, the results are what really matters. Let’s find a way to do more listening and seeking ways to understand than defending our position or belief(s)…

Life is gooooood!


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