Building on our Strengths

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“Everyone you meet has a flashing sign hanging on their chest that says, MAKE ME FEEL SPECIAL”!  Art Williams

We all have the same desire to be someone special, to be appreciated, to be loved!  Each and everyone of us has a desire to do well, to accomplish goals in our lives.  However, life sometimes gets in the way.  When we are using or drinking actively we are living in the negativity.  Our goals are nothing more than daydreams, wishes or in some of our cases total B.S. stories we tell our buddies.  We have no hope of any of it coming to pass.

But when we live the recovered life, when we begin the journey of recovery we have the opportunity to live in positivity.  Yes it takes work to do so but it is possible.  As a human service professional one of the first things I learned in assisting people to rebuild their lives is to start with their strengths. It is much easier to build on what we are good at then it is to work on what we are lacking in.  When we focus on our deficits we are focusing on the negative aspects of our lives.  It can be frustrating.  It is certainly more rewarding when we are successful than when we are struggling to overcome our weaknesses.

In the process of building on our strengths our weaknesses will strengthen.  When we work on our strengths we feel better about our life.  We have hope and we look forward to the future.  When we focus on what is wrong with me we perpetuate the weakness!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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