Be a weekly goal setter and a weekly goal hitter

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“It has been my experience that,far from choosing goals too great for our inherent capacities to reach, we tend to underestimate ourselves and set them much too low!”  Earl Nightingale

Are you driven by instinct or by principles that work?  In the Ninth Step Promises it says we are going to know a new freedom…  Far too many people today walk in their present and often neutral or negative conditions.  They carry a belief that this is their lot in life.  It is better than it used to be!  Surely, the recovered life is better than the life of an active alcoholic or drug abuser.  But is that all there is?  Abstinence is the goal and the rest of life is take it as it comes?

Well if you read this blog even once in a while you know that there is much more to the recovered life.  Being successful in every area of our lives is essential.  If you are like me and have screwed some of it up along the way, well, then we need to use the same principles that got us sober to keep us sober and to set a new strategy and direction to overcome those deficits.  Utilize the principles that will offer you the greatest chance of success.  What one success principle can ultimately explode your opportunity for success?  Setting GOALS!

When you set goals, you need to write them down, long term and short term.  I like to work from the long term goals down to the short term goals.    For me I have ten year goals, five year goals, two year goals, one year goals, six month goals, ninety day goals, weekly goals and daily activities.  The daily activities are the strategies and TASKS that I accomplish that lead me to my weekly goals.  My weekly goals lead me to accomplish my monthly and annual goals that ultimately will lead me to my ten year goals and beyond.

Once your goals are written you should print them and read them at every opportunity.  You must keep them alive and well.  Your affirmations should lead you to a believing spirit.  Prayer for the attainment of your goals with a spirit of faith is a must.  Then and here is the part that most of us miss, DO THE WORK!!!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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