B is for Blessings

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The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.  Eric Hoffer

The “B” on my gratitude list stands for Blessings.  Through the joy and the challenges m gratitude compounds.  At times I need to pinch myself because the blessings are far too vast for me to count.  This morning my youngest son Seamus sent me a message from school that said, “I wanted to tell you I love you and I am feeling homesick”!  To me that my son would take the time to think of me in the middle of the day is beyond a blessing.

I am blessed with good health, opportunity, freedom, love, life, joy, God, family, friends, and much much more!  Life is good, actually “LIFE IS GREAT”!

Go, Go Go…

Dan 🙂

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