“B” Be a Student of Life.

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“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” — Albert Einstein

As a reminder the A. B. C’s of the Recovered Life are:

“A” Always be Positive…
“B” Be a Student of Life…
“C” Cheerlead Others…

I have pointed out in the past that recovery principles are the same as success principles for personal growth and development for people not in recovery. I believe we all live by the same laws of the universe. Often as addicts or alcoholics we tend to separate ourselves as unique, different or not the same as people that are not addicts/alcoholics. We say things like, “I am sick”, “the Disease has me”, “I am not normal”, but the truth of the matter is simple, we are human beings. We are the same as other people with one difference, if we pick up an drink or drug we are quickly stricken with the compulsion to continue to use.

Once we have separated ourselves from the physical and mental compulsion to use we must implement strategies that will enable us to live productive, mission driven lives. The A. B. C’s are guidelines that can be utilized by anyone. In fact the more I read and learn about human behavior and self improvement the more I believe we have an enormous advantage over others simply based on our mutual support and fellowship then any other person or groups of people on this planet!

Life is good!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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william e hay March 21, 2012 at 10:08 am

Well said Dan, and in my opinion what you believe is the absolute truth! Those of us who are in recovery have a wonderful support group that many do not. Also, I find that as recovering addict, yes they are sugeestions, but to change we must work the steps, as well as fellowship. For if we do not, the ending is one we’ve all seen, myself experianced, and it is’nt a fairy tale ending. Throughout my journey in life I have observed many people who do not suffer from addiction, and they are able to act out, one might say being a jerk in how they treat others. For many their is no 10th step at the end of their day, not all, and they go about their meery way. Speaking only for myself, if I act like a jerk and do not make an affort in changing that behavioir, death awaits me in the shape of a bottle. However, if I do the work I am not suffering from addiction, quite the opposite. In fact I have been blessed by God, for from weakness one gains much strength. As you stated, the only differance between those who do not suffer from addiction and us, if we pick up we die! If the 12 steps of AA were mandetory study within the schools of this country. Of course taking tha addiction part out of it for the non-addict public, what an amazing world it would be! In closing, what a gift I have been given, I do not suffer, but embrace the good and bad, accepting all those feelings we must experiance, ang grow in spirit everyday to be the best person, not alcaholic, I can be. Thank you for your service !

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