AT-121, the new pain relief drug and it’s non-addictive!

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Yesterday my friend John French sent me an article on AT-121.  On August 30, 2018, Peter Dockrill published the article in Science Alert titled, “Scientists Test an Experimental Painkiller That’s More Powerful Than Morphine But Non-Addictive,  It just passed an important milestone.”  John pointed out that the article indicated that the drug might have as much analgesic effect as opioids, but might not be addictive.  The drug is being touted as more powerful than Morphine but not addictive.  Of course, if that is the case, we may have an answer to chronic pain that does not affect the entire nation!   Most specifically, the individuals with chronic pain that are not those that fit into the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) diagnosis mode.  

Not to good too deep on this topic but my contention is that the Opioid epidemic has two victims when it comes to the addiction side.  Yes, there are tons of victims, the nation as a whole is the largest, but the ones that become addicted are my focus.  The first is the individual that has an injury and becomes dependent on the drug and when the issue that is the cause of the pain is addressed and remedied followed by a safe taper off the Opioid the patient no longer seeks the drug.  The second is those that “Substance Use Disorder” probably or most likely or to be bold would have reared its ugly head eventually!  These folks accelerate the ramifications of SUD and lead the pack of the epidemic.  Of course,  with our nations “Crackpot Functionalism” mentality, we blame Big Pharma, the Doctors, and of course the pain as the culprits.  But the truth is, there are equally as many people in the country that have been prescribed Opioids for pain and either did not finish the prescription or after one dose told their doctor to find something else for them as they did not like the effects.

This leads us to the unfortunate truth if AT-121 is effective for pain the Country will rejoice.  But, addiction will not go away or be affected, at least by much.  I remember a fellow leaving the doctor with a prescription for a non-addictive pain relief med.  His comment to me?  “Yeah, non-addictive, more like non-effective, this crap doesn’t work!”  The reality is simple, the individual with SUD rates the effectiveness by one factor, “Pleasure!”   Does the drug offer me pleasure, i.e. does it get me high?  If the answer is no, the result is ineffectiveness!  So AT-121 may work for the relief of chronic pain but it will be hard-pressed to solve the Opioid Epidemic!



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