Astoria Pointe and Rosebriar Residential Treatment Center

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Astoria Pointe

I had the pleasure to speak with Bill Dooner of Astoria Pointe Recovery. I was calling Astoria Pointe to discuss their listing on Bill did not identify himself as the founder of the facility he simply spoke to me in a courteous and pleasant manner. We chatted a bit and he suggested I speak to Brandon. I bring this up for an important reason, when I make calls to human service agencies it is easy to recognize what facilities are top notch and which are meat markets! When the person on the other end of the phone is unpleasant or short tempered with me, well then I must believe that they are the same way with others. Now I realize we have all had the opportunity to be rash on the phone especially with a bill collector or salesperson, but when you are a business owner or representative of a business a vibrant and personal communication is a necessity. Anything less is business suicide!

Well Bill and his staff stand out to me as going above the call of duty in this regard! This is a prudent, kind and positive team that make a difference! Astoria Pointe and The Rosebriar Residential Treatment Centers are located on the picturesque Oregon coast. They specialize in detoxing and maintaining recovery from chemical dependency, alcoholism and drug addiction.

Astoria Pointe is a thorough recovery program that for all manifestations of chemical addiction and dual-diagnosed individuals. Astoria Pointe is a 35-bed men’s facility; the accommodations are clean, modern and beautifully decorated. Recent renovations include new wall finishes, furniture, décor and other amenities.

The Rosebriar is a comprehensive recovery program for women dealing with all forms of chemical addiction and dual-diagnosed women. Our medically monitored detoxification and 12-step-based recovery program provide a unique, holistic approach that treats the entire person: body, mind and soul.

One aspect of the program that stands out for me is the willingness to assist their clients with any legal challenges they face. If a guest is from the area a staff member will accompany the individual to court in order to be a stabilizing force for the individual in early recovery. This is going beyond the call of duty! No wonder Astoria Pointe and The Rosebriar are considered premiere treatment facilities to those they serve! For me I give Bill and his team TWO THUMBS Up!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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