Am I an Alcoholic/Addict?

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What is an Alcoholic? Am I an Alcoholic – Addict?

The question of whether I am an “Addict” seems to be a simple question that anyone with any degree of self-awareness should be able to answer alone. Alcohol typically is the one drug that most folks that are asking these questions do not want to alleviate from their lives. Yet when a person is having serious challenges in their life and alcohol or other substances are involved it may be best for the individual to take a new direction and abstain from the use of alcohol and/or substances.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and not to be endured. Most of us have had a terrible experience with a particular food. For me it was fish sticks. They smelled so good and tasted awesome smothered in ketchup and tartar sauce! The challenge was they did not stay down! I remember the vomiting episode throughout the night. That was over 40 years ago. I have not had a fish stick since! Yet I had similar and quite a bit more harsh experiences with alcohol and drugs. That did not stop me though.

Take some time and answer these questions:

1) Do you know or have you ever thought that alcohol or other substances are or could be a problem for you? Yes or No

2) Are you prone to borderline or uncontrollable anger? Yes or No

3) Is anyone in your family an alcoholic or do you think they have a problem? Yes or No

4) Do you have any challenges in your life that may be attributed to partying too much, drinking, drugging or related to drinking and drugging? Yes or No

5) Has anyone ever told you that they think you may have a problem or that you do have a problem? Yes or No

6) Has anyone ever suggested you stop drinking and/or drugging? Yes or No

7) Are you reading these questions to see if you have a problem? Yes or No

Before we get to the results realize this one thing. If you are questioning alcohol or drugs as a potential issue in your life you probably do not need to answer these questions, you already know the answer. Why mess with your future so that you can drink or drug? There are so many avenues to take that you can achieve greater benefit and pleasure then alcohol could ever offer.

If you have answered any of these questions with a yes, you should seriously consider abstinence. There is a better way of life you deserve to live up to your potential.

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