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When it comes to addiction help, where you find the help is integral to your success.  Agencies and recovery centers that are stuck on any one philosophy are kidding themselves and their clients.  True addiction help is a discovery process for the individual.

Let me give you an example of the medical models flawed thinking.  As we approach the Winter Olympics do you know that the longest standing Olympic record dates back to 1968 in the Men’s Long Jump.  The world record for the same event was attained in 1991.  In the 2008 Summer Games 17 records were broken.

So what is the point?  Over time we all must get better in our professions. We need to improve our skills, techniques and methods for progress.  Today our athletes are better, our computers are better, our cars are better, and we are a world full of progress.

What about the progress in the field of “Addiction Help”?  Are we better?   Or are we using the same old therapies and methods that produce less than a 25% success rate after one year?  Look back and you will see that the success rates were the same 20 years ago, 30 years ago!  Think about this if our technology was the same as 30 years ago you would have no cell phone.  You would be dialing from a pay phone!

There is no one size fits all in addiction help.  It is exploratory and it takes evaluation and reevaluation by the client and therapist to design a game plan for living independently and free from addiction.  The Last Resort Recovery program starts from where you are and works with you to develop that game plan.  It works and we can help you make it work for you!

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