A Sad Story

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If you know me personally you know that my life has been filled with ups and downs. With positives and negatives. I have done some amazing things and some that I am not so proud of. I have learned that the majority of people have good intentions, yet we are judged by the results of our actions. Folks judge us based upon their reality, their point of view. Alcoholism and Substance Abuse is an insidious challenge to face. People that are caught in the grasp of addiction fight the inner conflict of intentions versus outcome.

Recently we had a referral from the wife of a successful businessman in the States. When I spoke with the gentleman he was concerned with his use of alcohol and cocaine. He believed he was ruining his life because once he started he could not start. His internal conflict was a battle of “Am I an addict”? He believed that because he was so successful he could not be an addict. He was also concerned about the $5,750 tuition investment. We spoke for 15 minutes and he agreed to come to The Last Resort Panama. But first he would need to clear his schedule to attend the center.

A week later I received a call from him, he was in Atlantic City on a binge. His wife was disappointed and he would now commit to attend the center. We agreed on a date and a game plan to begin the process. I did not hear from him again. On Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving in the US, I received a distressful call from his wife. Her husband was missing again, now for a few days.

On Friday she telephoned me again. She said he was home and agitated. He went back to Atlantic City for 5 days. He spent nearly $50,000 on drugs, alcohol and gambling. The families Thanksgiving was horrible and she was leaving.

This may sound like an expanded or overstatement of the facts. It is not. Maybe someone you know has had similar experiences but it was $5,000 not $50,000. Maybe it was $500. The point is that it is an extreme challenge. As we approach the Holiday Season more and more of these stories will emerge. In fact this was not the only situation we had with similar features, we experienced one that was nearly exact only on the West Coast! If you have a loved one that needs help give us a call now. Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes! What price tag does peace of mind have?

Please take a moment to watch our Holiday YouTube video.

Thank you and have a wonderful & happy holiday season,

Dan ☺

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