Take the positive approach..

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We are flooded on a daily basis with the news of gloom and doom.  If you are a United States Citizen and you speak to a European, Canadian or South American you will be chastised for the mess the USA is in.

They will fill you with their opinion on why the USA is going to fall.   If you are a Republican the Democrats will blast you for the mess Bush caused, if you are a Democrat the Conservatives will point to the ineffectiveness of the Bush/Obama plan that is creating more debt, larger government and ineffective bailouts!  Then of course we have those that maintain there is a conspiracy by some outside forces and wealthy individuals or groups of individuals.

So what does it all mean in the scheme of things?  The only thing listening to this news and propaganda will do is tear you down more.  Therefore it is best to follow the ABC’s of Life, A is Always be positive, B is Be a Student of Life, and C is Cheerlead others.  If our thoughts are steered towards negative information then we will think negatively.  Critical thinking is important in our decision making process but being critical is counterproductive to happiness.

Think positive get positive results.  Be positive and happiness abounds within you!

Keep smiling cause Life is Goooood!

Dan 🙂

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