#1 Investment is You

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#1 Investment is You

When it comes to taking your life to the next level of success invest in you! In the ABC’s of the Recovered Life B stands for “Be a Student of Life”. In order to grow into the person we are we must work at it. We must always be improving. To do that we must invest in ourselves. Spending time getting better, doing the work and taking life seriously. Here are four principles to help you to grow and become a better you.

1) Build a strong commitment to you and the recovery community. In order to recover it is imperative that we are not alone in the trenches. We need mutual support from those folks that have been where we are. Having a support group, sponsor and commitment to the program is key to long term recovery, abstinence and joy.

2) Be Foolish! Yes that is correct, in order to get better we must be willing to do the things that we feel foolish about. Building our confidence takes a willingness to follow suggestions no matter how foolish they seem. Affirmations are key to joy in the long term. Yet it feels funny affirming that we are positive, joyful and a winner to name a few. Often in the beginning we feel like a fraud. But we need to allow ourselves to be foolish in order to get to a place where we are winners in life!

3) Passion on the side. We must live with passion. We all have a purpose in this world. People that are happier are people that live with passion and purpose. If you are working a job you dislike or in a career that is not congruent with your purpose, then nurture your passion on the side. Keep it alive within until you can position yourself to live it fully!

4) Discipline. We must live with daily disciplines. Prayer and meditation in the morning, affirmations throughout the day, spot check inventory and the end of the day inventory and prayer. We need to build these disciplines into our lives and we will reap the rewards of happiness and joy!

Life is good….

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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